De Assunçao

Art Direction + Graphic Design

Sous les paupières

Set design + Video + Graphic design + Photography

The Moon screams. It’s 3 o’clock in the morning, I dive into a deep sleep.
My slumber whispers to me that the power of the Men lies in the Imagination. Between fiction and reality,
my spirit numb, I start looking for an idea in the meanders of my unconscious. Following fortuity and spontaneity,
this project is a testimony of the exploration of my fantasy.

/!/ Please watch on VIMEO for a cool HD quality, with a headphone \!\


Short film — 4:14 min


bbnature morte


Print — Invitations for the exhibition and one book
Recycled paper 200gr / A5 format




Set design — One chair and four stools
Recycled wood / 200×45 cm

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